Plaids are fabrics woven from differently colored fibers that cross each other in order to make patterns. By crossing vertically and diagonally on a loom, colors not only form lines in their own color, but blend to form new colors.

Plaid is primarily identified with Scotland where different patterns served to identify different clans. The words plaid and tartan are often used interchangeably but they are different – at least historically. In Scotland, tartan is the pattern and plaid is a tartan patterned cloth. Meanwhile, in the US, plaid generally refers to the pattern.

Plaid was most commonly made in wool, but today it is made in many fabrics. Plaids come in a seemingly endless variety as you can see by taking a peek at this Google® Search result.

Types of Plaids

By Cajsa Lilliehook


About Cajsa Lilliehook

The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation infuriated me and inspired me to document the multitude of sexual predators in the Republican "family values" party. The Republican Sexual Predators twitter thread of over 700 GOP predators is the result.
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