Boho Chic

A style of fashion that become very popular in the 1990’s, drawing from hippie countercultural influences of the 1960’s. Boho references bohemian, the lifestyle, not the ethnicity. It’s casual, relaxed, romantic. Boho chic draws on prints, laces, florals and mixing prints and laces together in a many-layered blend of casual and romantic fashion, a floral gown with handmade lace edges and collar with a pair of work boots and a heavy cardigan for example. Ethnic-inspired jewelry, shoes and accessories are often important elements in boho chic styling.

See many examples of Boho Chic here.

About Cajsa Lilliehook

The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation infuriated me and inspired me to document the multitude of sexual predators in the Republican "family values" party. The Republican Sexual Predators twitter thread of over 700 GOP predators is the result.
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